Boris Bizet

Boris Bizet

Double Master's Degree - Chimie ParisTech / KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Studying at Royal Institute Of Technology (KTH), Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Chimie De Paris

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    Education: I am a student in Chemistry, doing a Double Master's Degree between - Chimie ParisTech : Graduate School of Chemical Science and Chemical Engineering in Paris - KTH Royal Institute of Technology : Technical University in Stockholm Project: I am trying to develop a double competence in Organic Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and hope to take part in the industry of fine Chemistry. Scaling-up process units (reactors, crystallization unit ...) , to adapt them to the industrial scale is of high interest for me. Experience: 2 internships: A 1-month worker-internship in a factory (L'Oréal company), and a 5-month R&D internship in Organic Chemistry (Solvay Company) permitted me to experience the both aspects of my formation. Current research: I am currently doing my 2nd year of Master at KTH, and am looking for a 6-month internship for February-August 2015. It can be in France or elsewhere in the World. A project dealing with scale-up would be preferred.


R&D Intern - Solvay (Novecare Technologies Department)

At Solvay

From March 2013 to August 2013
R&I Shanghai Center Development Project in Phosphorus Chemistry Sulfurization Project of Phosphorus Compounds. Objective: Find a new sulfurization method for a class of Phosphorus compounds, using simple and cheap chemicals. Identify the possible industrialization route, with a deeper...
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Intern / Worker Internship - Chimex


From July 2012 to August 2012
Discovered the Industrial Chemistry on Mourenx's production units. Worked in pair with some operators, responsible of FDA & hydrogenation production lines.

Lycée Michel Montaigne, Bordeaux

PCSI/PC, Classe Préparatoire

From September 2009 to July 2011
Intensive courses in Maths, Physics & Chemistry for 2 years. Preparation for the competitive entrance exams for the French 'Grandes Ecoles' : Graduate Schools of Chemical Science and/or Chemical Engineering

Lycée Michel Montaigne, Bordeaux

Baccalauréat Scientifique, Mention Très Bien, Bac Scientifique

From September 2006 to June 2009
Student until Scientific Baccalauréat (got with first class honors)


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