Gaël L.

Gaël L.

CAE Brake Engineer, Volvo Car Corporation

Currently employed at Volvo Car Group

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    PhD student at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden with SCANIA parternship. I also obtain my Master of Science in mechanical engineering at Compiègne University of Technology (France) field calculation and optimization of structures in 2009. Along my studies, I spent 6 months at Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) in mechanical engineering and I worked as an engineer at Volvo Car Corporation Sweden in the Advanced Body Engineering and Crash Analysis department. My PhD work is focussed on heat partitioning between disc and pad (braking truck system), thermomechanical interactions between pad and disc, friction and wear at elevated temperatures, thermal fatigue, and thermally induced crack growth. I have worked on several projects in mechanics and acoustics but I also followed some courses in projects management and quality management.


CAE Brake Engineer

At Volvo Car Group

From February 2016 to Present
- Method and development Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) measurements using 3D laser vibrometer on a full-scale brake dynamometer. - Brake squeal computation in Abaqus - Link between laboratory testing, field testing and CAE - CAE vision and strategy within the division - Project leader

PhD Improved performance of brake discs for trucks


From 2010 to December 2015
The brake discs of trucks are exposed to high thermomechanical loads when the kinetic energy of the vehicle is transformed into heat when brake disc and brake pads are pressed together during braking. The complex load case leads to wear of the disc but also to initiation and growth of cracks that...
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Chalmers University Of Technology, Göteborg

Improved performance of brake discs for trucks, Chalmers University of Technology

From 2010 to 2015
PhD student - Heat partitioning between disc and pad, thermomechanical interaction between pad and disc, friction and wear at elevated temperatures, thermal fatigue, and thermally induced crack growth.

Analyst in Crash CAE

At Volvo Car Corporation

From 2009 to 2010
Responsible for the adhesive joints modelling (modelling of adhesive bonding in crash simulation) on ANSA 13.0.1 and LS-DYNA 971, I had to find the best materials in order to have goods simulation results regarding the experimental results. A theoretical study was performed and a material was...
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Université Compiègne, Compiegne

Modélisation et Optimisation des Produits et Structures, UTC - Génie des Systèmes Mécaniques

From 2006 to 2009



Models conception and demonstration for customers. Used a new Windchill add-on (workgroup manager) in order to integrate Solidworks (CAD software) into Windchill.

Assistant engineer PLM development


From 2007 to 2008
I was responssible for developing an add-on using JAVA as informatics language. I had to understand the customer requirements in order to adapt the software. Based on Windchill 8.0 from PTC, the aim was to create access rules, life cycles, workflows, etc. A final version was delivered and several...
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Centres d'intérêt

  • Activ member of TeamUTéCia untill January 2009 (Shell Eco-marathon)
  • Do-it-yourself: improvement of the habitat
  • Personal help with computer training and repair
  • Rehabilitation of old computers for an association to humanitarian vocation