Shreyas Dwarakanath

Shreyas Dwarakanath

Development Engineer, Volvo Group

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Précédents : Volvo Cars Corporation, Volvo Penta, Volvo Powertrain AB, Prof. Sven Andersson & Prof. Stefan Lundberg (Chalmers University, Scania Group AB, Technova Engineering


Précédents : Chalmers University Of Technology, P.E.S.Institute Of Technology



Development Engineer

Chez Volvo

De juin 2018 à aujourd'hui
Development Engineer in the department of Fuel Injection Equipment

Masters Thesis

Chez Volvo Cars Corporation

De janvier 2018 à juin 2018
Development of Adaptive air/fuel controller. 1.Finding suitable strategies to make lambda sensor adaptive. Mentors: Torsten Wik (Examiner Chalmers University), Sasa Trajkovic (VCC)

Chalmers University Of Technology, Göteborg


De août 2016 à juin 2018
GPA 4/5. SKILLS & TOOLS: Software's Proficient & used in Internships: MATLAB & Simulink, Minitab & SIMCA P14 (MVDA), Target link (DSpace), ATI Vision and CAN (Vector), AVL-Concerto, GT-POWER, C-Programming (Beginner). Soft skills: Quick learner, Flexible, Adaptive, Network Building, Team ...
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Project Engineer

Chez Volvo Penta

De septembre 2017 à janvier 2018
Project Engineer, Volvo Penta/Chalmers university, Industrial project between Chalmers and Volvo Penta. 1. Aiding Volvo Penta in VIRTEC project and Hardware in Loop development. 2. Virtual test rig requires FRM models to be closely calibrated for RT. 3. Calibration performed using ...
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Engineering Summer job

Chez Volvo Powertrain AB

De juin 2017 à septembre 2017
It was a continuation of master thesis at combustion control dept. 1. Closed loop combustion control analysis of Volvo D13. 2. Worked with internal stakeholder to understand requirements. 3. Developed a model in dSpace for achieving closed loop control. Mentors: Johan Engbom ...
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Powertrain Engineer

Chez Prof. Sven Andersson & Prof. Stefan Lundberg (Chalmers University

De septembre 2016 à juin 2017
Powertrain Engineer, Chalmers eco-marathon, Goteborg, Sweden. 1. Conversion of fuel system, carburetor to direct injection. 2. Calibration and tuning the engine for performance requirements. 3. Hybrid test bench setup for complete powertrain testing. Mentors: Prof. Sven Andersson & ...
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Engineering Internship

Chez Scania Group AB

De juin 2016 à juillet 2016
SCANIA in-plant training and introduction to SPS. 1. Design and tolerance analysis of G-Series bumper and front rail parts. 2. Supplier scouting and sample testing analysis. Mentors: Group Manager. Umakanth Reddy & Anil Balakrishnan (Scania Group)

Student Internship

Chez Technova Engineering

De mai 2014 à mai 2015
Student Internship, Technova Engineering, Started as an intern in manufacturing precision components. 1.Smart manufacturing introduction using CAM software in CNC. 2. Quickly gained ranks and was given a design engineer position.


  • Closed loop combustion control analysis
  • Communication Skills
  • Development of Adaptive air/fuel controller
  • Leadership Skills
  • Loop development
  • Matlab
  • Project Management
  • responsible for entire CHARMTech area
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